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Wedding Stitch and Angel Plush

Selling as a set.
Around 25cm tall

Black Furry Hello Kitty Backpack

Around 45cm by 30cm by 15cm 

Large Furry Pompompurin Plush

Around 30cm tall

Large Furry Gloomy Bear Plush

Around 40cm tall

Dark Blue Tuxedosam Plush

Around 32cm tall.
Only Dark Blue color available.

Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Bubbly World Series Collector's Set with Certificate


Entire Set available with Certificate for $70.
Meet up for collection or free postage.

Lying Big Bird and Cookie Monster Plush

Around 35cm long.
Only Bird Big (Yellow) and Cookie Monster (Blue) available.
**Does not come with Pink Pillow under Big Bird
$12 each.

Shiny Eyed Cookie Monster

Around 30cm tall.
Only Cookie Monster (left, blue) available.

Rilakkuma in Red Mushroom Scout Costume

Around 46cm tall.
Only Rilakkuma (left) available.

Hello Kitty in Green Stripe Pants Plush

Around 33cm tall. 
Only Green available. 

Pink Rody x Hello Kitty Plush

Around 35cm tall. 

Forever Friends with Pink Heart Plush

Around 40cm tall. 
Only design on the left available. 

Classic Winnie the Pooh in Red Shirt Plush

Around 33cm tall. 

Red Melody with Furry Tail Plush

Only Red Melody (center) available. 
Around 40cm tall. 

Furry Picnic Rilakkuma Long Pillow

Around 45cm by 26cm. 
Both designs available. 
It is furry on one side of the pillow. 
$19 each or get both at $34. 
Free postage. 

Rilakkuma in Blue and Pink T-Shirt Plush

Around 45cm tall. 
Only Blue and Pink available. 
$19 each or get both at $34
Free postage. 

Dark Coffee Rilakkuma Head Cushion

Around 43cm by 26cm. 
Only Dark brown Rilakkuma (left) available. 
$19. Free postage. 

Elmo in Black Hello Kitty Costume

Around 30cm tall.
Only Elmo (right) available.
$20. Free postage.

Korilakkuma wearing Musical Pattern Scarf

Around 38cm tall.
Only Korilakkuma (white) available.
$19. Free postage.

Graffiti Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma carrying Kiiroitori Plush

Around 42cm tall.
Both designs available.
$19 each or get both at $34. Free postage.

Large Cute Caltoy Elephant

Around 25cm tall 34cm wide.
$25 each or get a set of grey and blue at $45.

Cute smiling Baby Stitch Plush

Only Stitch (Rightmost) available.
$15. Free postage.

Hello Kitty x Gachapin X Mukku Green Keychain/ Handphone Strap

Around 8.5cm tall.
Only Green Hello Kitty (Leftmost) available.
$5. Free postage.

Small Sentimental Circus Shappo Head Plush

Very small plush.
Around 7cm wide.
Only Shappo (Leftmost) available.
$8. Free postage.

Brown Rilakkuma Swissroll Keychain/ Handphone Strap

Around 6cm wide.
Only Brown Swissroll Rilakkuma (Center) available.
$5. Free postage.

Halloween Rilakkuma Sweets Keychain/ HP Strap

Around 3.5cm.
Only Yellow Rilakkuma cupcake (Center)
and Orange Pumpkin Rilakkuma (Top Left)

$5 each. Free postage.

Sentimetal Circus Shappo Master Keychain

Only design in red box available.
Size of Shappo is around 3.5cm tall.
$10. Free postage.

Travelling Rilakkuma reading guide book Plush

Around 16cm long
Rilakkuma reading guide book (bottom) available.
$8. Free postage.

Fairy Stitch, Angel & Scrump Plush

Only Angel (Pink Top Right) available.
$6. Free postage.

Brown Caltoy Owl Plush

Around 12cm tall.
Only Brown available.
$6. Free postage.